Alex Auw


Fitness for Beginners

Fitness apps are being used universally to assist people on their daily routines. there are numerous apps that cater for a user’s workout routine, such as high intensity and buidling stamina. This project is focused to create the transition for users starting to create their routine for the first time seamless.

Establishing Target User and Context

Through conducting user interviews, users who feel unsure about what workouts to perform when going to the gym for the first few times feel overwhelmed and can be difficult to create a routine for specific areas they would want to strengthen. After creating a context map, a lot of the activities performed by newcomers can be done without machines and can be performed indoors and outdoors.

The Opportunity

A lot of apps are focused at giving a set routine for the user that is difficult to customize at first glance. There is an opportunity to create an app that assists people to keep a consistent schedule and motivation to exercise.

Competitor Analysis



-Tracks calories burnt based on food consumption

Tracks food digested

-Diet Centered


-Does not track exercise



-RPG-like Fitness app, level up virtual pet



-Must use app while moving



-Obtain ingame currency for steps walked

-Can compete with Friends

-Global Rank for activity

-Different Achievements for certain workouts-Audio feedback for some workouts (Squatting)


-Routine is set for the user, no customization

Pokemon Go


-Motivates user to walk outside

-Tracks distance walked


Forces user to work around to the game’s mechanics

Moodboard and Pet Inspirations


  • Provides clear path for low fidelity wireframes
  • User Experience can be evaluated through Flowcharts

Wireframe Sketches

Low Fidelity Prototype (Interactive Prototype Here)

Animation Analysis

Before I started animating the characters I wanted to use, I needed to analyze the actions they would perform. Through this, I started working on practice animations through Procreate and After Effects. In Procreate, I considered the ability to adjust every individual frame that would be used in the animation set. However, this would also mean I would need to animate each individual frame.

Using After Effects

I took note that After Effects provided smoother animations. I’d also be working with vector illustrations, which would mean I wouldn’t need to worry about scaling my models without the sacrifice of quality. Since a lot of the animation I would be making would be static characters performing actions in a loop, I decided to work with After Effects.

High Fidelity Prototype (Interactive Prototype Here)