Alex Auw


An AI-Incorporated Baby Monitor

Taking AI to a New Level

New parents are often not confident when it comes to taking care of their baby, especially in the first few months of life. One problem that new parents experience is the inability to decipher their baby’s needs when they cry.

The Proposal

Make it easier for parents to decipher what the baby wants or needs based on the type of cry exhibited. The product, after identifying the cry type, will act based on that need until a parent is needed, e.g. if the baby is bored, a toy will begin to move as a source of stimulation, or if the baby is too hot, the temperature in the room will be lowered slightly.

Market Research

We wanted our consumer audience . With the increasing amounts of AI-induced technology, we decided that a product that uses AI to translate sounds can be represented in a medium to high price range.


We furthered our concept by observing other monitors that incorporated higher tech features. After observing our products, we  decided to push our target audience in the mid price range.

Concept Development

After creating our concepts, we made a table to determine which concept to develop further. Based on our observations, the prototype we went with looked the most consumer-friendly and kept space saving to a minimum.

App Prototype

A full integrated UI helps parents decipher different types of cries. A 360 camera can be accessed, as well as a built-in schedule that records the time and type of cry the baby has done, allowing parents to care for their baby with ease.

Final Render

Exploded view of the Baby Monitor, includes the battery pack, microphone, camera, and USB lightning cable.

Exploded view of the Mobile, includes the rotating motor, microphone, and USB lightning cable.

The monitor changes its color based off the baby’s cry.

Detailed Instruction graphic and packaged view.