Alex Auw


Enhancing Long Distant Relationships

My Experience During Covid

Some of the things I’ve missed was the sense of working towards something. Typically this would be through small outdoor hobbies such as exercising or being at the gym. Another emotion I’ve missed was the feeling of being with people. This presence is especially different between physically being with someone and hanging out with them online. 

The Proposal

The product I wanted to create is something an individual can communicate with and can be accessed at home or one’s office.

Concept Development

My first concept helps loneliness, a watering a plant that incorporates its own emotions. The facial expressions would change dependently on the plant’s amount of water consumed, pH levels, and sunlight, which is all measured through the pot.

My next concept encourages individuals to limit their activity on their phones. I found myself spending a lot of my time on electronics during the lockdown. This wireless charger would change its emotion based off the amount of time it is spent being inactive, which the limit can be changed by the consumer.


My third concept involves the cooperation of two recipients. With each of them owning their own potted plant, they would essentially need to keep it alive by messaging one another. Once a conversation is made, both plants achieve being watered. The plant would have a limit of being watered once a day to prevent overwatering.

App Prototype

The pot has a built-in receiver, which responds to the activity involved in a separate messaging app. Through the interface, people will be able to track daily conversations, and will get notified through the pot whenever a new message is received.

The pot also tracks the amount of water that is left inside the pot, and will remind the user when to change the water in case the storage is low.


Final Render