Alex Auw


Diving into Sleep Quality

Quality sleep can be impacted by poor sleep hygiene, such as screen time before sleeping. Users that are dependent on their phones as alarm clocks often feel the need to use their phone right away after they wake up and before they sleep, which negatively impacts their sleep hygiene and quality of sleep.

Using an alarm clock can remove the need for phones from user’s nightly and morning routines, limit their exposure to blue light, and improve their sleep health.


Adjacent markets/products

Before going into deeper user research, further information was gathered on products that are related to alarm clocks. Through looking into adjacent markets, it is important to keep track of household products that are similar to alarm clocks for gathering possibilities of products that can be used when following a sleep routine.


Sleep Monitor

4.5/5 stars – 17,520 reviews

Snore Tracker, creates sleep reports

-Can manually input sleep factors that may affect sleep

-Determines when the user is in awake light, or deep sleep based on snoring patterns

-Can manually personalize sleeping records

-Sleep patterns may not be entirely accurate

-Snoring detection picks up small background sounds such as ceiling fans

-Snoring detection is locked behind a subscription


Sleep Sounds

4.9/5 stars – 69,059 reviews

Sleep timer, Meditation sounds, sleep timer

-Lots of free and customizable sounds

-Ability to layer sounds together

-UI is consistent, simple to understand

-Watch ads to unlock more sounds

-Sounds do not loop perfectly

-Complaints on low quality sounds


Sleep Sounds – Soundboard App

4.4/5 starts – 114,411 reviews

Customizable sleep sounds with sleep timer

-Customizable sounds, can be played interchangeably

-Sounds are played through a loop

-White noise implementation

-Ads disrupt sleep sounds

-UI is large, can get cluttered with visuals

-No consistent color scheme


4.1/5 stars – 341,552 reviews

Sleep stories, mediation podcasts, breathing prodrams

-Podcasts/sound reliant to help meditate/sleep

-Simple UI, button layout is consistent and easy to read

-Includes podcasts for different age groups

-Huge library needs a subscription

-Cannot customize notification time for mood check-ins

-Cannot search sounds based off of length


4.7/5 stars – 187,283 reviews

Guided meditations, tracks daily and bedtime routines

-Determines solutions for users with eatind disorders/coping with cancer/pregnancy/etc.

-Unique and simplistic aesthetic

-Consistent app layout, easy to navigate through catergories

-Most features require a subscription

-The meditation UI fot more descriptive over time

-Screen brightness fluctuates between the meditation and sleep tabs

Sleep Cycle

4.4/5 stars – 126,679 reviews

Tracks snore patterns, sleep quality


-Alarm clock system activates when the user is in light sleep

-Clean, simple design with consistent color scheme

-Tracks heart rate, other outside activities besides sleep

-Sleep trends, meditation sounds, notes are locked behind a subscription

-No daily alarm feature

-Some free features are hidden in future updates


Competitor Map


Both products specialize in meditation, but briefly covers sleep analysis


Apps specifically made to improve sleep quality. Includes more categories that can track and report sleep patterns


Covers basic features that help the user with sleeping